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Change of Beneficiary in Farmington Hills

How to Change a Beneficiary of a Will or Trust

If you are currently dealing with any matter involving your estate plan, it is advised that you speak with a Michigan probate attorney at your immediately. Probate law governs the handling of an individual's estate after he or she has passed away. Probate law ensures that estate matters are handled properly such as paying creditors and distributing assets to descendants or other beneficiaries of an estate. The person's will goes through the process of probate to be proven valid after he or she is deceased. If the court adjudicates the will as valid, the property will then be distributed as stipulated in the will.

Estate Planning Attorney Serving the State of Michigan

At Shifman & Carlson, P.C. our probate attorneys have been practicing law for a combined 100 years. It is this kind of experience that allows us to take action for you and advise you on these crucial decisions and the ramifications. Having seen all sides of the probate law system, we understand what will best suit our client and his or her wishes. We understand how important family is to our clients and work with them to bring about the will that they desire and the peace of mind in knowing it will be carried out correctly.

It is extremely important estate is distributed per your wishes to your loved ones. A last will & testament is a way of showing your loved ones that you care even, after you are gone. Crucial matters such as changing your beneficiary should be handled by an experienced estate planning attorney. Your relatives, including siblings, parents, children, and in some cases, your current spouse are not entitled to your estate unless they are specifically named on your will and there can be real problems if your wishes are not clearly stated in an updated and comprehensive will. We understand that your circumstances may have changed and that a change of beneficiary may be in order. In many cases, the individual that wishes to change the beneficiary of his or her estate has remarried and is divorce from their previous partner. In addition, new members of the family such as grandchildren would not automatically be added as beneficiaries should the unexpected occur.

Call our Farmington Hills office if you have any questions regarding your will and changing a beneficiary.

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