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The Benefits of Probate

Answers from an Oakland County Probate Attorney

What are the benefits of probate? Most people may consider that probate just adds time to the distribution of an estate, and is a hurdle that must be overcome if they are a beneficiary. In fact, probate can be very important in protecting the interests of the beneficiaries of an estate. Some of the issues that are addressed in probate include ensuring that your wishes are carried out upon your death.

Certain estate planning strategies could allow some part of an estate or the whole estate in some cases to avoid probate, and these strategies must be managed by a highly trusted legal professional, as the management of the estate is now in one person's hands. As with any financial matters, you want to ensure that the party responsible for any large amount of money or assets is highly ethical, reputable and trustworthy. At Shifman & Carlson, P.C., our team of Oakland County probate lawyers offer services in trust administration, estate administration and all legal issues related to probate to both individuals and families throughout the State of Michigan.

Verifying Assets in Probate

Probate has the advantage of guaranteeing that the deceased individual's assets are fully verified, and that the distribution of these assets is verified as being under the terms of their will. Creditor claims are verified as well, during the period of time in which a creditor can make a claim against the estate, which in the State of Michigan is 4 months. Although there is often a longer period of time to resolve an estate when it goes through probate, there is also the aspect of protecting the family and other heirs from certain types of losses that could occur when an irresponsible or inexperienced person is responsible for a trust and distribution of assets. Families have run into very stressful situations when this occurs, and have suffered extensive financial losses, or have been forced to litigate.

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