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Information on Contested Wills in Oakland County

Dealing with the shock of losing a loved one is difficult enough. Trying to handle matters pertaining to his or her estate can be extremely stressful. In most cases, the decedent makes his or her intentions clear by leaving a last will and testament. If the will is legally valid, the probate process will be initiated and generally resolve without incident. In some cases, however, conflicts can arise and cause complexities that must be settled prior to finalizing the wishes of the decedent. When litigation is necessary in the probate process, it is extremely important to hire a highly experienced Oakland County probate attorney.

If you believe that a dishonest trustee has jeopardized your rightful interest in a trust or estate or poorly executed will, you need to speak with an Oakland County probate lawyer at your earliest convenience. Probate litigation can become complex and it is important that the attorney representing you has ample experience handling these types of cases. In addition, if you have been appointed as a trustee or are holding fiduciary duties and are now being threatened with a lawsuit, speak with an Oakland County probate attorney at our office that can help you to avoid serious liabilities.

Estate Challenges: Your Legal Options

In some cases, an inheritor or named beneficiary believes that his or her rights have been violated or denied. An inheritor can challenge the performance of the trustee or executor if he or she believes that there are matters worthy of question. In some cases, the spouse may demand his or her right of election. Under Michigan law, the spouse is entitled to demand his or her rightful share of assets under certain circumstances. The Estate and Protected Interests Code stipulates that Michigan trustees and personal representatives must conform to strict standards. The best interest of the beneficiary is always the primary interest of a fiduciary or a trustee. These are serious legal matters and can be highly complex, based upon the documentation and the language in the will and any trusts in the estate. A full evaluation of the situation is an important aspect in determining the right course of legal action. Contact Shifman & Carlson, P.C. today to find out how we can help you!


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